Lion Air Skids In Pekanbaru

Lion Air
Lion Air Skids In Pekanbaru | The Facemash Post
Lion Air plane from Jakarta to Pekanbaru with Department Flight JT 0392 skidded off  in Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport, Pekanbaru.

Hendra, one of the passengers said the plane departed from Jakarta at 19:00 pm and is scheduled to arrive at 20:20 pm.

"Due to bad weather, the plane had circled three times," said Hendra to VIVAnews, on Monday evening February 14, 2011. Pekanbaru at that time was torrential rain with lightning.

After circling for about 50 minutes, the plane attempted to land for the fourth time. However, the back right wheel got out of the runway. "The front of wheel was still on the track," said Hendra.

He and other passengers really worried when the plane was circling and never landed. "Passengers was scared," he said

After the plane can be controlled, officers assisted passengers getting down from the plane. "The position of the plane already in the park," he said. Fortunately, the number of passengers around 200 people is saved.
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