Ahmad Dhani Officially Reported To Pers Council

Ahmad dhani
Ahmad Dhani Officially Reported To Pers Council | The Facemash Post - The Republik Cinta Management (RCM) Boss Ahmad Dhani on Wednesday (03/02/2011) officially was reported to the Press Council in cases of suspected abuse against two Global TV infotainment reporters who tried to cover him at the residence of the singer Mulan Jameela, Monday (02/28/2011).

After the report, the Press Council hopes that both Ahmad Dhani and the Reporters can be reconciled. "Yes, the Press Council said like that," said Chief Editor of Global TV Siane Indriyani found in the building of the Press Council, Kebon Sirih, Jakarta, on Wednesday.

The Press Council advice was also welcomed by Siane. However, if there is a peace agreement, Dhani is expected to not make a same mistake. " Yes, If He won't do it again, and I also saw that it must be resolved to the Press Council," said Siane.

However, to reach the peace agreement, both sides are still far from a deal. "Yeah, last night, I talked to him (Dhani). That night we were talking about this, but it still had no agreement. We only agreed that we bring this to the Press Council," said Siane.

Until now, Siane admited that Dhani hasn't specified an apology related the incident. "No, because Dhani is still feeling has no guilty, he said 'I don't understand if I am wrong or not', so let the Press Council makes a dicision," said Siane. - The Facemash Post
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