Ahmad Dhani Do Not Want to Respond to Mulan Jameela Gives Birth to a Baby

Mulan Jameela
The Facemash Post - Ahmad Dhani did not want to respond to the news about the singer Mulan Jameela  Gave Birth a Baby in a hospital in the area of Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, recently.

A spokesman who is also a legal adviser for Ahmad Dhani named Masyamsul Huda, refused to explain the truth of the news. "No comment for this chase. But if you want to get more information, please contact to Maia Estianty. She has been appointed by Dhani as a spokeswoman for the RCM (Republik Cinta Management)," said Masyamsul sarcastically whe he was contacted in Jakarta on Wednesday (02/03/2011).

According to him, Maia is the one who knows more about Mulan. It's just because during the rumor spread out, Ahmad Dhani's ex-wife was considered most frequently commentting to the news of Mulan Jameela's Pregnancy. "So, Dhani has been given a mandate to Maia Estianty as a spokeswoman for RCM. Ask her, because she knows as well,"  he said.

When he was asked to the truth of Mulan gave birth to a babygirl, again, Masyamsul refused to answer. "I don't know. Ask to Maia, she has a complete pictures, the body weight and the names of Mulan's baby," he said.

Since few days, the news of Mulan gave birth to a baby is still mysterious. Dhani, the man who is being allegedly to be the baby's biological father, has not admitted for the truth.
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