You Can't Watch Hollywood Films Any More In Indonesia

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Friday (18/2) was the beginning of no more imported Films - Hollywood and non-Hollywood - circulating in the Movies in Indonesia. Because of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Association of Indonesian Import Film Company (Ikapifi) protested the policy of the Directorate General of Customs to apply import duties on imported movies distribution rights.

"It was as the reaction to the provisions of Directorate General of Customs Duty related to the provisions of the distribution rights for foreign movies," said a spokesman for 21 Cineplex, Noorca M Massardi, who is also chairman of All-Indonesia Association of Cinemas.

According to Noorca, MPAA and Ikapifi and Indonesian cinema entrepreneurs assume duty on the distribution rights as something that is uncommon and never in the movie business practices worldwide.

As a result of the policy, Ikapifi decided not to import films from outside Indonesia. Meanwhile, the MPAA refused to distribute Hollywood films to Indonesia.

Noorca said the decision not providing Hollywood films is enforced until the matter of the provisions of import duty on film distribution rights revoked.

According to Noorca, since January 2011 the Directorate General of Customs had applied that import duties on distribution rights. Before the import duty upon the right of distribution was enforced, said Noorca, the MPAA have submitted their arguments to the Directorate General of Customs for more than a year refusing that policy.
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