South Sulawesi's Archives In Holland

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South Sulawesi's Archives In Holland | The Facemash Post - A number of Archives that contains information about South Sulawesi province is still there in some areas and even in Holland.

"There are still many archives of areas about South Sulawesi has not been held even some of them are in Leiden," said the Head of Archives and Library Board Area (BAPD) South Sulawesi Ama Saing in Makassar, on Tuesday (15/02/2011).

Archives of South Sulawesi province are related to various fields, such as history, law, government, social, cultural, financial, and so forth.

The archives were brought to Holland during the Dutch colonial administration was still in Indonesia, especially in Makassar.

"All archives are very valuable, for the development of the province of South Sulawesi or for people who are having interests to do research," he said.

Therefore, BAPD will perform a searching to find a number of archives that are still spread of. As a first step, they will form a team for searching the archives in various areas, including in Holland.

Besides scattered in the Netherlands, a number of archives of South Sulawesi is also still owned by the community, such as in Sidrap, Bone and Gowa and still in the National Archives and Library Board. "The total of archives of South Sulawesi are still contained in the National Archives Agency currently has reached about 1,000 Archives," he said.

The Archives that have been found will be moved to other media and then stored in BAPD South Sulawesi to the public interest.
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